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  • ECV International Co., Ltd. was founded in early 2010 in Shanghai China, we cooperate with  government departments, industry associations and world top 500 enterprises, has been held hundreds of high-level and influential international summits.

    We sincerely invite you to participate in the ECV international summit, to experience transnational research, and to sense industry trends and find business opportunities.

    Similarly, if you have the desire to promote the development of the industry, we warmly invite you to cooperate.

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    Media & BD Partner
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  • Overseas Sales

    Responsibilities:  Deep insight into the dynamic and trend of global relevant industry. 

    Get the detail information of relevant company through Internet.

    Communicate with the top management of worldwide company through telephone. 

    Requirements:  Bachelor or above degree.

    CET6 or equal English level, and fluent oral English. 

    Passion, Hard working, Strong anti-pressure.

    Aggressive, Good team worker.

  • Conference Producers

    Responsibilities:  In-depth business research and market analysis;

    Conference Program development;

    Speaker Invitation;

    Partnership Development;

    Working closely with the marketing, sales and operation department;

    Other tasks by superior leaders.

    Requirements:  University Degree; 

    Good command of English and Chinese; 

    Quick Learner, Outstanding Ability of Analysis and Summarization;


    Hard working and High Self-motivation;

    Business Acumen; 

    Relevent working experence is preferable.

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